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“Mr Dave Schnittman, is a fun music teacher. Knows a lot about many instruments. Encouraged me to play a variety from F Horn, to acoustic guitar, to electric guitar. WOW… so much fun playing in a band. I enjoy taking private music lessons this summer with him. FUN, FUN, FUN.”  - Student B.

"Dave is a great teacher. He has a great command of many instruments, styles and practices. But most importantly he is able to use this knowledge to make a tailored lesson plan based on what the student will like to learn about and then teach to this. My lessons with him very much broadened my horizons in music and am still grateful for the things I have learned from him. " Former Student Dario, who went on to study music at UCSC

"I have been taking lessons from David Schnittman for the past three or so years. David's teaching style is unique in that David offers students more than just going through a music instruction book. He teaches music theory, appreciation for different styles of music and most of all passion to grow as far as you want to go. David is so much more than a musician showing someone how to play an instrument. He is a passionate teacher as well as a gifted musician. Students receive a well rounded learning experience from David Schnittman." - Student Marsha

"Taking music lessons from David is a whole lot of fun! I started taking guitar lessons with zero experience. We just sat down and jumped right in, making music from the very first lesson. Even the exercises were quickly connected to songs, making them more enjoyable to practice. He generally lets the student guide the way, often asking what I’d like to work on, or what kind of music I’d like to focus on, and moving the lesson in that direction. He has provided detailed technical instruction as well, helping me to develop good habits and fine-tuning my technique. His style works for both children and adults, so much so that my teenage son decided to take lessons as well, as he saw how much fun I was having. In addition to the solo lessons, he also gathers his students once a month to practice as a band. This has been a very enjoyable way to learn how to play together with others. He’s a fantastic music teacher, and I highly recommend him!" - Student Al

"Taking lessons from Dave is truly a unique and rewarding experience. I came to Dave with four years of previous guitar lessons but decided to switch to him for his modern style of teaching. Not only did he teach me guitar, but he helped me with composition and lyric writing. I completely believe that Dave helped me transition from a mediocre guitar player/singer/songwriter to an artist." - Former student Courtney

"I learned guitar as an adult and David was my first guitar instructor. I learned a lot from him and appreciated the opportunities he gave me to perform live for the first time in the recitals he arranges. It's hard for me to comprehend that just 10 years ago I was sitting in his studio, all thumbs and frustrated with my instrument. I just released my first CD of 9 original songs and am gigging regularly. I owe a lot to David for helping me get started on this journey." - Former student Stephen

"David Schnittman is an amazing person. I quickly noticed his vast knowledge in everything music, and more importantly his love for teaching music. You can certainly tell this guy loves teaching! You name any instrument and he can pick it right up and play with such simplicity and pure joy. 

David is not just any ordinary music teacher, he is a man of many talents who lives to teach. I stumbled upon David at the Music Tree in Morgan Hill. We were in search of a guitar teacher for our autistic teen son. I had hoped to find music as a form of therapy for our son and mentioned this to David. He mentioned he ran a workshop in San Jose for at risk kids as a form of music therapy. What a godsend! That workshop was an amazing place for teens to drop in and around the world learn how to play several different instruments. Our son and many other kids loved it! With our son being on the autism spectrum, his fine motor skills were quite weak. Many would think an autistic wouldn't be able to learn or develop the necessary fine motor skills needed to play guitar, but because David had experience working with special needs, my son learned to play some great classics! What joy is is to watch these kids play! David came along right when we needed him, and we will always be grateful for his patience and guidance in teaching our son to play guitar." - Parent of former student, Jamie

"My family would show up to music jam every Tuesday night at 6pm I would witness Dave take a room full of children and teens with varying levels of music experience and command their attention. Within an hour they would be making music, good music! It was like witnessing a miracle. I would see the kids leave music jam with a little more confidence and self esteem than how they arrived. My son took private music lessons from Dave starting at age 10 until age 18 every Tuesday night before music jam. He showed up for his lesson no matter what. Because The show went on no matter what. Thanks to the numerous music jam angels Paul Beck Larry and Peter. I believe the time my son spent with Dave developed a discipline and perseverance that has molded him into the amazing young man he is today. Cory has graduated with a computer engineering degree from UCSC and is returning for grad school in the fall. Dave was Cory"s music teacher. Dave not only developed a skill and love for music in my son but developed a belief that hard work and discipline can create beauty. I feel one of the best gifts I have given my son was his exposure to Dave and music in his formative years." - Parent of student, Chanelle

"You are an amazing gifted instructor, I see it in Essala's enthusiasm.  She could never get that enthused about the piano, and I'm so happy that you pointed that out to me." - Parent Nola

"Art Laminations hosted a Garden Art Party for aspiring artists who have nowhere to typically show their work. We hired David Schnittman and another one of his band members to play jazz at the party. They actually MADE the party! Instead of people just coming by and leaving, they stayed to listen to the music. They turned an art exhibit into a party atmosphere and everyone had a great time! I’d hire them again without hesitation! Thanks David!” -Brenda Renzulli of Art Laminations and Brenda Renzulli Photography

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